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Re-educating the Brain:

A neuro-developmental approach for the treatment of dyslexia, dyspraxia, reading, writing and spelling difficulties, clumsiness, co-ordination and behavioural problems.

"All learning is connected in some way to the control of movement, Reading, for example, depends on the development of stable eye movements. Writing involves coordination between the hand and the eyes, and copying requires repeated adjustment of head position and focused distance." - Sally Goddard Blythe, Director INPP (International)

Brain Image

Children (and adults) with specific learning difficulties may exhibit a wide range of symptoms which may include clumsiness and poor gross muscle co-ordination, poor fine muscle control, lack of concentration and often extreme excitability (Attention Deficit Disorder), marked ambiguity of laterality or cross-laterality, aberrant motor patterns of development, visual perceptual problems and poor hand-eye co-ordination (visual motor integration difficulty). The results of such symptoms emerge in the classroom as difficulties with reading, writing, spelling, sequencing, P.E. and memory recall. It may also cause difficulties learning to swim, ride a bicycle, tell the time, tie shoelaces and relate effectively with other children of similar age. Read more ....

Chris Guy can design Individual, personalised home-programmes to suit your needs involving movement and/or sound to address the following:

Specific Learning

- Dyslexia
- Dyspraxia
- A.D.D.
- Underachievement
- Dysfunction of Attention
and Motor Perception (D.A.M.P.)


- Handwriting
- Clumsiness
- Balance
- Hand/eye co-ordination


- Poor impulse control
- Bed wetting
- Anxiety
- Agoraphobia
- A.D.D.

Additional services include:
- Training for teachers in school (school programme)
- Talks for teachers and parents