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Useful web addresses: (educational psychology) (allergy and intolerance) (The professional association of teachers of students with specific learning difficulties)


Useful reading material:

'Drugless Medicine'
'A Teacher's Window into the Child's Mind'
'Reflexes Learning and Behaviour'
'The Well Balanced Child'
'What Babies and Children really need'
'Attention, Balance, Co-ordination (The ABC of learning success)'
- all the above by Peter Blythe and/or Sally Goddard (Director, INPP International)

Harnaford, Carla (PhD), ''Smart Moves - why learning is not all in your head' (ISBN 0-97 80915-556274)

Bellis, Teri James (PhD) 'When the Brain can't hear' (ISBN 9-780743-428644)

Berard, Guy (H.D.) 'Hearing Equals Behaviour' (ISBN 9-780879-836009)

Better Books, 3 Paganel Drive, Dudley DY1 4AZ, telephone 01384 253276