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The INPP programme addresses root causes of difficulties not just the symptoms displayed and is drug free and non-invasive.

INPP Movement Programme:

This comprises a series of physical exercises based on early movements made by the developing child in the first year(s) of life. The exercises are designed to retrain the reflex pathways and thereby improve the control of balance, posture, voluntary movement, visual functioning and perceptual difficulties.

A typical programme will take 5-10 minutes a day over a period of about 12 months. Progress is reviewed at 6-8 week intervals, and the exercises changed when appropriate.

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Samonas Sound Therapy:

This involves listening to a CD for approximately 10 minutes each day over a period of around 9 months. A different CD is used as changes are observed and according to test results. These CDs stimulate nerve pathways in the brain and cover a range of different frequencies. The aim is to secure ear advantage and move the hearing curve as near to the optimum as possible to aid processing and allow the child to hear the individual sounds in language better.

For more information about Samonas Sound Therapy see our web pages (left, blue section).